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MOSIS Special Ed

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The MOSIS Special Ed screen was designed to allow you to maintain all Special-Ed related information for a student.  All of the fields are program tracked.  To update a student's special education information, click on the hyperlink to enter a start date and a value. 



Submission File(s)

IEP Disability

Indicates the student's special education disability.  This may or may not be the same as the student's disability on the Emergency screen.

Student Core, Student Assignment

MAP Alternate

Indicates if the student is eligible to take the MAP (Missouri Assessment Program) Alternate.

Student Core

SPED Placement

Indicates the nature of the student's Special Education placement.

Student Core

SPED Exit Code

When a student exits a Special Ed program, this field indicates why they exited.  Note that the Student Core submission reports only SPED Exit Codes of 01 or 17.

Student Core

ECSE Program

If a student is eligible and/or participating in an ECSE (Early Childhood Special Education) program, this field indicates the overall frequency of his/her participation.  When you click on this link, there are three other program lines on the Program window. 

  • ECSE Code Social Behaviour
  • ECSE Knowledge and Skills
  • ESCE Appropriate Behaviors

When you close the ECSE Program line by giving it an End Date, the End Date will default to the other program lines on the screen.  You may change the End Date for the other lines if necessary.  You must enter an Exit Reason for each type of ECSE Program when you enter an End Date.  You do not need to enter an Entry Reason.

Student Core

Special Ed Referral

Track each time the student gets an initial referral for special education service evaluation.  If you need to track multiple initial referrals, add a program row for each occurrence.  The MOSIS Download counts each Value with a current year Start Date as a separate referral.

Student Referrals

(IEP) High Need Student

Indicates if an IEP student has educational costs that exceed three times the LEA's current expenditure per Average Daily Attendance (ADA)

Student Core

Exiting students from Special Education

When a student is no longer in Special Education:

  • Update the SPED Placement program vector with an End Date. 
  • Enter a reason for the SPED Exit Code.
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