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MOSIS Course Information

Scheduling > Courses > District Course or Building Course or Course Sections
For MOSIS submissions, the data comes from the Master Schedule level. If you update information on the District or Building-level MOSIS Course Information page after Master Schedule has been created, you must also update the Master Schedule level records as necessary.



CTE Program Type

If this course is part of a CTE program, select the appropriate CTE program type.

State Course Number

Select the State Course number.

Course Sequence Number

Select the Course Level/Sequence Number.

Course Grade Level

Select the appropriate grade level for the course.

Course Semester

Select the correct semester value to indicate when the course meets.

Course Program Code

If the course is part of a program, select the appropriate value here.

Course Delivery System

Select the appropriate Course Delivery System code.

Career Education

Checked if this course is considered a Career Education course.

Dual Credit Site

Indicates the location of college course being taught.  Required only when the Reporting District is a college, and not the district itself reporting.

Dual Credit Site Code

If you select College in the Dual Credit Site field, select the correct Site Code.

Sending District School Code

For Districts using eSchoolPlus 1.9, if a student was sent to your District from another District for this course, select the appropriate District/School code.

CIP Code

If applicable, enter the course's CIP Code. 

Course Hours

For summer school courses only, enter the total number of hours that the course meets during summery school.

Advanced Placement

Checked if the course is an Advanced Placement course.


Checked if the course is designated as an honors level course.

Instructional Minutes

If you do not want the system to use the value calculated from the Attendance Periods setup for the Course Minutes field in the Course Assignment file, enter the weekly instructional minutes for the course. 

Exclude Flag

Select this checkbox if the course should not be reported to MOSIS.

Advanced Course

Not in use.

Combine Course

Enter the code to report for a course that should be reported with combined class indicator to indicate that two or more different subjects or course sequence levels are taught during the same period by the same teacher.
Enter the same code for the courses that are combined together.

Assignment Comment

If applicable, enter a comment regarding the staff member's assignment.  This field appears in the MOSIS Course Assignment file. From the State's documentation: "Free-form notes used to indicate (1) job titles for Course 887900, (2) course titles for "Other" (xxxx99) courses, (3) supplemental assignment for Course 880000, (4) teachers assisted by an aide, (5) aides assisting a teacher or (6) other nonstandard info".  In the October submission, this is a conditional field and in the June submission it is optional.

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