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SDS XML Import to Data Warehouse

Regulatory > MI Utilities > MI Utilities > SDS XML Import to Data Warehouse

Use this option to import certified files from SDS into eSchoolPlus.  You will be able to view the records in the Student Download Summary.

Note: The Import utility relies on the Student ID to match the data in the XML file to the student and the Early Childhood file does not have a Student ID. Thus, the Early Childhood file cannot be imported into eSchoolPlus.

  1. After you get the file from the State, copy the file to a location on your local machine.  You may need to edit the file to change the collectionid value.  If any records in the file have a collection id between 1-20 you will get an error and the file won't be loaded. 
  2. Click Choose File to find the file from Step 1.  After you find the file, click Open. Note that the options available to find a file may differ based on the browser you are using.
  3. Click Run to import the data in the file.
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