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For Migrant students who leave your District before receiving a final grade and credit, you must update a district-defined screen on the student's course records.

The Completion Status for a student's course will be used for the Teacher Student Data Link submission.  The Completion Status for a course will be calculated, but this field can be used to override what is calculated.  More details regarding the calculation will be in a future revision of the documentation.

MI Student Course Page

Scheduling > Student Schedules > Student > Schedule Entry > click link for course > expand Other Student Course Information > click MI Student Course

If a migrant student withdraws from your district prior to completing a course and receiving a final grade, you must enter this data.

Clock Hours

If the student did not complete the course, enter the number of hours he/she completed for the course. 

Valid values are 0 – 1080.

Course GradeIf a student has not received a final grade prior to withdrawing from your district, enter his/her grade up to the withdrawal date.
Completion StatusThis field will be used as an override for the Completion Status of a course that is determined for the Teacher Student Data Link submission.  For migrant students, select the appropriate value to describe the student's completion status for a course.
MSIX Clock Hours

Number of clock hours a migrant student has completed to date for the course-section. This is only required if the migrant student has not completed the course (credit has not been granted). Specifically, this is required if the course-section is reporting a Completion Status other than CP, CF, ER, OE, or CS.

XML Components: Student Course

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