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Meal Status (Direct Certification) Upload

  1. Download the Direct Certification file from the MSDS website and save the file from the State in an easy to find directory (Desktop; My Documents; etc.)
  2. Rename the file you got from the direct certification file to direct_cert.csv
  3. Select Administration > Utilities > Download & Upload > Upload File.
  4. Click the button and browse to the location of the direct_cert.csv file from Step 1.  Highlight the file and click Open to select the file.
  5. Click Upload Records.
  6. Verify that the file, direct_cert.csv, is in your report directory.
  7. Select Administration > Utilities > Download & Upload > Run Upload.
  8. On the Run Upload page, specify the upload options.
    • Interface ID: Select the interface for updating meal status.
    • Run Mode: Select the appropriate option. The first time you run the upload, you may want to verify it, instead of updating the database.
    • Insert New Records: Selected
    • Update Existing Records: Selected
    • Only Update Blank Fields: Cleared
    • Import Directory: select User's Report Directory.
    • Program End Date: Select Close existing program vectors with this end date. Enter the last day of the previous school year.
    • Program Start Date: Select Create new program vectors with this start date. Enter the first day of the current school year.
  9. Click Run.
  10. Upon completion, open the Interface Upload Log file and review any error information encountered during processing.
  11. Check your students and verify they have an updated Meal Status on the Personal page. 

This upload will close the previous vector line and open a new vector if the meal status has changed.  It will not change the dates on the vectors if no change was made to the meal status.

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