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Mass Load Grades

Mark Reporting > Utilities > Mass Update/Load > Mass Load Grades

Use this utility to mass update students grades for selected course-sections.

To mass update student grades for a course

  1. In the prompts, specify how you want to run the utility. Refer to the field descriptions that follow for more information.
  2. In the Filter panel, further limit the course-sections to process based on Master Schedule Course Information.
  3. Click Load to list the course-sections meeting your criteria.
  4. In the Selected Courses panel, the list of course-sections are retrieved by your search based on the field values that you entered in the prompts section and the filter criteria you entered in the Filter.  You can review this list, change the values, or remove course-section from it.
  5. Click Run to mass update the student course records with the values you entered.
Task/ Report NameEnter the name to display for Task/Report in the Load Mass Grade Statistics Log . For example, Mass Load Grades.
BuildingSelect the building to mass update student grades for a course.
Mark TypesSelect the mark type you want to update.  For example, your selected building might have a mark type for Quarter (QTR), Semester (SEM), and Summer School (SMR). Choose the mark type to process.
Marking Period

Select the Marking Period for the Mark Type you selected. If the Mark Type is issued more than once a year, you must select one marking period. 

Marking Period field is accessible only when you select a Mark Type.

ValueSelect the mass update grade Value you want to apply for students in the selected course-sections. Available values are based on the Level table's marks the building you chose.
Only Update Blank MarksChecked if you want to mass update student grades only if their grades are blank. If this option is not checked, the students existing grades will be updated.
As of DateUse this option to determine the students enrolled for a course on a particular date or a marking period to mass update student grades.
  • Today: Click the radio button to include all the students enrolled for a course as of today.
  • Selected Date: Click the radio button and enter the date of the last week of a marking period to include the students enrolled for the course during this period.
Selected Courses Panel

The list of course-sections retrieved by your search  based on the field values that you entered and the filter criteria.  You can review this list and remove course-sections from it.

The value (grade) you selected in the Value field is displayed for each course-section as a default value. You can change the Value (grade) for each course as required and update it.

Select the Delete checkbox to delete a course-section. The course-section is deleted only when you perform the update operation.

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