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Discipline Setup

Discipline Validation Tables

Administration > System Setup > Validation Tables > select Discipline


Database Table Name


Incident Codes


Used for Incident type – enter all state codes

Offense Actions


Offender Actions: The following State code equiv codes should be used:

  • 1  In-School Suspension
  • 2  Out-of-School Suspension
  • 3  Removal By Hearing Officer (Special Ed participant only)
  • 4  Unilateral Removal (Special Ed participant only)
  • 5  Expulsion

In addition, the Seclusion and Restraint SDS component collects information for discipline actions with the following State Code Equivs:

  • MRESTRAINT - Mechanical Restraint
  • PRESTRAINT - Physical Restraint
  • SECLUSION - Seclusion



Used for location of incident

Incident Time Frame


Used for Time of Incident.  Preloaded with:

  • 1 – During School Hours
  • 2 – Outside School Hours
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