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October 2023 Major Maintenance Release

These changes have been released in the following software version:

  • ESP_23.10.0.0



Release Note

ESP-89731Maryland Course Catalog (MCC)
  • Added the Course Level Characteristic column to the Maryland Course Catalog Download.
  • Added validation for SCED Course Sequence Number, SCED Course Sequence Total, and Local Course Credits.
  • Updated the Local Course Credits to display in #.## or ##.## format in the download.
  • Changed the extract layout as per the state manual.
ESP-89730Validation Tables and MD State Reporting
  • Created the MD Course Level Characteristic validation table.
  • Added, retired, and updated a few codes in the MDTB_COURSE_LEVEL validation table.
  • Added the Course Level Characteristic field to MD State Reporting.
ESP-89509Maryland Enrollment, Attendance, and Promotion Report (September Attendance)

Added the Geolocation ID data element to the September Attendance download and extract.

ESP-89487Maryland High School Data Collection Extract and College and Career Readiness

Updated the processing for the fields CCR Sub Assess Status - Math, CCR Sub Elig Status - Math, CCR Sub Assess Status - Eng, and CCR Sub Elig Status - Eng on the College and Career Readiness district-defined page to have default value of 00-Not Applicable when no values are selected on the page. For the 9th Grade Tracker field on the same page, defaulted its value to 03-Not applicable when no value is selected on the page.

ESP-88474Maryland High School Data Collection Download and Extract

Added the fields Apprenticeship Participation and Apprenticeship Hours to the Maryland High School Data Collection Download and Maryland High School Data Collection Extract.

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