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Mass Load Grades Utility

Mark Reporting > Utilities > Mass Update/Load > Mass Load Grades

The state would like marks for all students, even those who may not receive traditional alpha or numeric marks. This option allows you to quickly mass-assign marks to these courses with competencies. For example, you can mass-assign a passing mark (i.e. P/Passing) to students that meet the designated competencies.



Task/Report Name

Create a custom name for the task/report.

Log Statistics

Checked if you wish to create a log file for the mass update.


Select the building where you wish to perform the update.

Mark Type

Choose the Mark Type you wish to update. For example, you may choose Final or Term.

Marking Periods

Choose the Marking Period (i.e. M1, M2, S1, S2, etc). Not valid if you choose the 'Final' Mark Type.


Enter the mark you wish to mass-assign. For example, if you wish to assign the mark of 'P' to all students who meet the competencies, select 'P' for Value.

Only Update Blank Fields

Select if you do not wish any marks currently entered to be overridden by the mass update.

As of Date

Select to update the mass-assigned grades either as of the current date of running the update, or another desired date.

To limit the view of available Courses Selected, use the Filter to narrow your search.

The mark chosen in the Value field will act as the default mark for all students in the course. Individual grades can then be overridden. For example, if you anticipate most students in a course to achieve a Passing mark, you can perform the mass update and then override the grades in Teacher Access Center for the exceptions who do not achieve the Passing mark.

For any courses that appear on the Courses Selected menu, click the Delete checkbox to prevent the course(s) from being mass-assigned the designated mark. Click Run to complete the Mass Load Grade Utility.

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