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Entering Discipline Incidents for Maryland State Reporting

Discipline incident information is sent to the State in the Maryland Discipline Report for incidents that result in suspension or expulsion. Depending on how your District is configured to enter Offenses per Incident, your entry procedures will be slightly different.

One Offense per Incident

If your District has eSchoolPlus configured to allow only one Offense Code per Discipline Incident, you should enter the most serious offense on the incident.

For example, if a student was found to have a firearm in his/her possession while cutting class and your District considers having a firearm more serious, you would enter Firearms as the Offense Code.

In the situation where a student was fighting in the morning and was given an in-school suspension and then later in the same day was brandishing a firearm and given an out-of-school suspension, you should enter both offenses as separate Discipline Incidents.

Multiple Offenses per Incident

If your District has eSchoolPlus configured to allow you to enter multiple offenses per discipline incident and your District policy indicates that you should do this, follow these procedures regarding entering Offense Codes and indicating which one is most severe.

Enter the appropriate Offense Codes on the Offenders panel (Interventions > All > Student > Behavior Incidents or Interventions > All > Office > Incident Detail).

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