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e-Transcript Processing

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This section will describe the various features of MD e-Transcript and will describe to appropriately process and validate e-Transcript in eSchoolPlus.

e-Transcript Checklist

The following procedure provides an overview to complete an e-Transcript submission for one or multiple students. Detailed instructions on how to perform these steps are listed in the subsequent sections. 




Make sure all building setups are entered.


Make sure all calendar and marking periods from prior years are set up.


Select the students that need transcripts sent via e-Transcript.


Select the institution(s) where the designated transcripts need to be sent.


Review transcripts for accuracy using the Print Transcript button.


Check "Send" for all transcripts that you wish to transmit. Then click Save.


Monitor the transmission status of all submitted transcripts using the Status Tab on the MD e-Transcript Submission page.


You may view the status of all transcripts by user name or ALL transcripts for the building (if you have the security clearance).

Note: If creating a default or standard user name, do NOT create a user name called MDeTranscript.


All submitted transcripts will be saved into e-Transcript History regardless of successful or failed transmissions, so you may clear your screen of old transmissions for easier viewing. Check the Delete box on the Status Tab screen and click Save.


Mark Reporting > Entry & Reports > MD e-Transcript > MD e-Transcript Submissions

The Submissions pages displays 2 options for generating and viewing transcripts of selected students. The Send option is used for sending new transmissions. The Status option is used for reviewing the status of transmissions that have been sent.


Use the Filter option to select a specified range of students based on designated criteria. The Student Name field has a browse button where you may enter a student individually to the screen. Once the search criteria have been entered, click Get Students to generate a list of all students that meet the search criteria.

Note: There are additional options to enter e-Transcript data for individual students. See the "Single Student Entry" section below.

The Defaults section is used to mass assign a school or schools to all the selected students. For example, if every student needs a transcript sent to Towson University, it may be selected as the default and assigned to all students with a single click.  If a default school is selected, click Assign Default to All to assign the school to every student. Click Undo Assign Default to All if you need to remove the default selection.

Note: The Assign Default to All option only fills in blank Send To fields. If a student has a school filled in already, make sure to click the '+' button to add a blank field. Add in the student field.

The Students Selected area is where you can view student information and assign schools for submission. 



Student ID

Link to the student's Student Summary screen

Student Name

Student's name


Displays the number of e-Transcript records for the student. Also acts as a link to the e-Transcript History screen.

Transcript Last Generated

Date/Time stamp of the last time data was generated. "No Data Found" will display if no transcripts have been generated for this student.

Print Transcript

Click to launch the Printable Student Transcript screen. This will also allow the user to generate data for the Transcript Data Warehouse tables.  When "No Data Found" is displayed for Transcript Last Generated, the user must use Print Transcript to generate Transcript Data Warehouse data for the student.   Only then will the user be able to check the Send checkbox.

Send To

Select the institution code for the school where the transcript should be sent. Click the '+' or '-' buttons to add or remove schools.


Checked if you wish to send the transcript on the next scheduled submission. Leave unchecked if you wish to save it, but not send it.   Disabled if "No Data Found" for Transcript Last Generated.


Checked if you wish to remove a record. Enabled only for records with a status of "Pending", "Expired" or "Acknowledged". 

Once all records have been entered and marked for saving, deletion, or submission, click the Save button. The page will refresh and update the screen accordingly. All entries marked for deletion will be removed from the page. All entries marked to be saved will remain on the page. Entries marked for submission will be removed from the page and moved to the Status option.

Print Transcript Page

To open this page, click the Print Transcript icon on the Students Selected panel.

Here you can refresh the student's transcript data and generate a printable transcript.



Group Courses By

Select Yearly.

Refresh Transcript Data Before Print

This is not required, but it is highly recommended to refresh transcript data to ensure the most updated information is printed.

Course Area GPA Type

Select the GPA type.

Print Courses Without Marks


Earliest Withdrawal Date for Inactive Students


Transcript Seal

Select to include or exclude the seal on the transcript.


The Status option displays the e-Transcript submission records. There are 3 options for selecting the transcripts to view:

  1. My e-Transcripts – This is the default option. It will only display records generated by the user.
  2. All e-Transcripts – Displays records for ALL users. Will only work if the current user has the appropriate security settings. An additional Sender column is added below to display the user who generated each record.
  3. Selected – Select another user's ID to display the records.

Click Get Students to display the records after choosing the view. The following fields will appear: 



Student Name

Hyperlink of the student's name. The link opens up a screen of all transcripts for the selected student.

Student ID

Link to Student Summary page

Date Sent

Date the transcript was processed and sent


Link to open a printable PDF version of the student's transcript IF the option to generate pdf transcripts is set on the portal config screen.

Institution Name

Name of the institution where the transcript was sent


The current status of the transcript. See below for description of the different statuses.

Expiration Date

If an expiration date window was specified during setup, the date and timestamp will display when the transcript will be removed.

Acknowledgement Date

The date and timestamp of when there is confirmation that the receiving institution has received the transcript.


Checked to remove the record from the screen. Cannot be used for records with a status of 'Sent'.

e-Transcript Submission Status

There are 4 valid statuses that a sent transcript may be in during the course of the process. 




Record has been submitted, but not yet processed. These records will have blanks in the Date Sent, Expiration Date, and Acknowledgement Date fields.


Record has been processed and sent. The Date Sent and Expiration Date (if applicable) fields will be populated .


Record has been sent and the Expiration Date has passed without acknowledgement from the receiving institution.


Record has been sent and received by the institution. The Acknowledgement Date field will be populated.

Single Student Entry

You may also enter and submit MD e-Transcript data for individual students. This page provides the same data entry, but allows for quicker single student entry. This screen may be accessed from 3 menu path locations:

  • Student Summary (Registration > Entry & Reports > Student > Student Summary)
  • Student Transcript Courses Summary (Mark Reporting > Entry & Reports > Student > Transcript Summary)
  • MD e-Transcript Submissions (Mark Reporting > Entry & Reports > Student > MD e-Transcript Submissions)
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