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Course Catalog

Scheduling > Courses > District Courses > District Course Catalog

Scheduling > Courses > Building Courses > Building Course Catalog

For Career and Technical Education, Health/Physical Education and Technology Education courses, if you want the Subject to print for courses that a student is taking then select the Department that has the correct State Code Equiv (see the Departments section for the State Code Equivs).

For Math, Science, Tech and Foreign Language courses that you report to the State, you must enter a State Course Code. You do not need to change the value in the # of Parts or Part # columns.

Alternately, you may update the State Course on multiple Courses at one time using the Course Equivalency Definition page.

Maryland Course Catalog (MCC)

The MCC Report uses the Course Catalog page to report the following elements:

  • Number of Parts - SCED Sequence
  • Part Number - SCED Sequence Total

These fields are located on the State Course Information -2016 panel. Local courses can be associated with SCED Courses on the Course Catalog page.

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