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January 2021 Major Maintenance Release

These changes have been released in the following software versions unless otherwise noted in the release note:

  • ESP_19.4.32.0
  • ESP_19.11.24.0
  • ESP_20.4.17.0



Release Note

ESP-46403Early Childhood Programs

For Early Childhood Programs, any special characters or apostrophes are now corrected for both first and last names.


The page now includes a panel to show the indicator for One Academic Indicator Math. It shows the test scores being evaluated and includes a detail panel showing the reportable value for each year with the ability to override the calculation.


The ISBE CCRI Data page now includes the Academic Indicator for ELA. The page displays the test scores and calculated values with the option to override.


Community service hours are now included on the ISBE CCRI Data page so you can enter community service hours for students.

  • The community service hours panel only allows one row of hours per day. If multiple rows are added for the same day, then the values will be combined when the page is saved.
  • The CCRI calculation is modified to process the student's community service hours and calculate if they met the threshold.
    • The threshold is set on the ISBE CCRI Setup page.
    • The student's total number of hours is cumulative during their time in high school.
  • The results of the calculation are displayed in another panel on the ISBE CCRI Data page.
    • This panel will have a row for each year the student is in high school.
    • Each row has an option to override the calculated value so a different value is reported for that year.
ESP-45961Physical Restraint and Time Out Extract

New Event Codes are available for the Restraint and Timeout options:
04 Prone Physical Restraint
05 Supine Physical Restraint

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