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ISBE Homeless

Registration > Entry & Reports > Student District Defined > ISBE Homeless

The fields on this page are all part of the IL HOMES program.  The first field, Homeless, is the parent program line to all of the other fields. When you click the link to update Homeless, you may also update the program-tracked values for any other fields on the ISBE Homeless page.

To update the data on the page:

  1. Click the Homeless link on the page, or click the link for the specific field you want to update.
  2. In the Programs - ISBE Homes page, enter the Start and End dates as appropriate and update the Value setting for the program-track field.

You can also update the data from the Personal page by clicking on the Homeless Status link.

The data in the first field, Homeless will be sent to the State in the ISBE Demographics file, Homeless Indicator field and the other information on this page will be submitted to the State in the ISBE Homeless file.

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