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ISBE EL with ELL Screener

Registration > Entry & Reports > Student District Defined > ISBE EL with ELL Screener

ELL ProgramClick on this hyperlink to indicate if a student is in an ELL program. You can also update the TBE and TPI program enrollment dates from this link as well. You can update this information from the ESL field on the Personal page.
LEP IndicatorClick on the hyperlink to indicate if a student is LEP.
Class Periods per WeekClick on the hyperlink to select the correct value for the level of ELL class periods a student receives each week.
ELL AccommodationsClick the link to indicate if the student receives English learner accommodations for a given assessment or test. This value is used in the PARCC Pre-ID file.
504 AccommodationsClick the link to indicate if the student receives 504 accommodations for a given assessment or test. This value is used in the PARCC Pre-ID file.
ELL Screener Test TakenSelect the English Language Learner Screener test that the student took.
ELL Screener Test DateEnter the date that the student took the English Language Learner Screener test.
Listening Raw Score/LevelSelect the student's Listening raw score or level.
Listening – Proficiency LevelSelect the student's Listening proficiency level.
Speaking Raw Score/LevelSelect the student's Speaking raw score or level.
Speaking – Proficiency LevelSelect the student's Speaking proficiency level.
Reading Raw Score/LevelSelect the student's Reading raw score or level.
Reading – Proficiency LevelSelect the student's Reading proficiency level.
Writing Raw Score/LevelSelect the student's Writing raw score or level.
Writing - Proficiency LevelSelect the student's Writing proficiency level.
Literacy Proficiency LevelSelect the student's Literacy proficiency level.
Oral Proficiency LevelSelect the student's Oral proficiency level.
Overall/Composite Prof LevelSelect the student's Overall/Composite proficiency level.
Test to be Taken

Name of the state assessment a student in a tested grade is scheduled to take (Illinois State Reporting Validation table:  iltb_test_type). This is the same value from the ISBE Pre-ID page.

To be included in the DLM-AA Pre-ID download, the student needs a value of DLM.

ESOL ParticipationStudent's ESOL program eligibility, participation, and funding status. This is required for the DLM-AA Pre-ID download.
504 IndicatorIndicates the student has a 504 Plan describing special education and related service needs for the student due to a physical, cognitive, or emotional disability.
Dual LanguageIndicates whether the student participates in a Dual Language Immersion program, as well as the type of program.
Language of InstructionLanguage of instruction for the student's Dual Language Immersion program, if applicable. Only report this if Dual Language has the value 01 or 02.

The ELL Entry Reasons and Withdrawal Reasons are coming from within the ELL element in Programs – it will pull the Entry and Withdrawal reasons for that date range. The Registration panel – Program Entry and Program Withdrawal tables have been pre-loaded with the ELL Entry and Withdrawal reasons.

The ELL Entry Reason Codes are:



ELL Entry  - TBE Full Time


ELL Entry  -  TBE Part Time


ELL Entry  -  TPI


ELL Entry  - Other or Alternative


ELL Entry  - Parents Refused


The ELL Withdraw Reason Codes are:



Erroneous Entry


Withdrawn by Parents


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