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ISBE Demographics and Enrollment

Menu path: Registration > Entry & Reports > Student District Defined > ISBE

LEP IndicatorLEP Indicator—students who are ELL must have information in this field (and in the LEP program) in order to be included in the ISBE Student ELL submission file.
Career / Tech IndicatorCareer / Tech Indicator
SES IndicatorSES Indicator
IEP IndicatorIEP Indicator
IEP AccommodationsIEP Accommodations
Century 21 IndicatorCentury 21 Indicator
Reading 1st IndicatorReading 1st Indicator
Reading Block grant IndicatorReading Block grant Indicator
Title I IndicatorTitle I Indicator—this field used to be Y/N, now you must select a value from a dropdown. If an entire building is considered Title I, you do NOT need to update each student to have a value in this field. See the Building District-defined Screen section of this manual for information on how to handle these buildings.
Private School StudentIndicates the student's parent/guardian enrolled the student in a non-public school, with the parents bearing the education's cost. This includes students home schooled by their parents.
Tuition In

Indicates the student resides in one school district but chooses to attend school in a different district. The student's parents pay tuition to the outside school district.

  • You cannot report a student as both a Private School Student and a Tuition In student.
  • The Tuition In setting applies only for students in a K-12 grade level.
Chronic Truant Support
Chronic Truant Support Desc
Biliteracy English ProficiencyAssessment used to determine the student's English language proficiency. This is required if the student should report in the ISBE Seal of Biliteracy Awards file.

CTE STUDENT: If you have a CTE student who is a Single Parent or a Displaced Homemaker, you must go to the menu path Registration > Entry & Reports > Student Demographic > Programs and update the CTE – Career Tech Ed Indicator program.

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