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How to Exclude a Student from State Reporting

Exclude student functionality allows the user to exclude a student from a desired set of reports. A student may have one or multiple records or none if they don't need to be excluded from state reports. If the student has an exclude record for a particular state report/download, that student is skipped and a corresponding error message is displayed in the log file.

  1. After selecting a student, navigate to Registration > Entry & Reports > Student District Defined > Exclude Students from State Reports.
  2. Click on the field in the Reports section to select a Report for which the student should be excluded
  3. Select a report from the list.
  4. Select the required Reports and click Save. Delete option can be used if the user need to remove any reports from the exclude list for the selected user.
  5. Run a report for which the student is excluded. The student will be skipped for this report and a corresponding message will be recorded in the log file that says: Student: 999 is not getting processed because set not to include in State Reports.
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