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February 2023 Major Maintenance Release

These changes have been released in the following software version:

  • ESP_23.2.0.0



Release Note

ESP-82602IL Download ISBE Submission Files (IL RSSP Collection [STURSSP])

Updated the processing to log error only when the student is enrolled in the ISBE RSSP program and does not have the Reason for Referral entered or if the state code equivalent value or the code is not assigned.

Corrected the processing to retrieve only distinct values for the students based on the entry withdrawals and program records to resolve this.

ESP-82500IL Download ISCS Information

Updated the IL Outside Course Assignment download processing with the correct variable name for the RCDTSHOME field.

ESP-81689Program Setup (ELL and LEP)

Enabled the End Reason for the LEP Indicator field in the LEP program and for the EL Services and Language of Instruction fields in the ELL program.

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