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February 2021 Escalation Release

These changes have been released in the following software versions unless otherwise noted in the release note:

  • ESP_19.4.33.1
  • ESP_19.11.25.1
  • ESP_20.4.18.1



Release Note


Student Download Summary and
IL State Download Search

The E-Learning and Remote Learning fields have been added in the download table and the extract files.
The extract header has been replaced from "Student Attendance V2" to "Student Attendance".

ESP-43786IL Download ISBE Submission Files > IL Attendance [STUATTEND]The Student Attendance "Days Present" has now been split into In-Person Instruction, E-Learning, and Remote Learning.
The IL Student Out of District Attendance is updated to process the fields: Remote Learning and E-Learning along with In-Person Instruction (Days Present), and download the correct data in the Attendance Download Table for these fields.

IL Report Configuration

The Student Address Download field has been added so you can choose to include all students or only IEP students in the STUAddress file.
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