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Entering Outplaced Student Courses for ISBE ISCS File

For courses that an Outplaced student takes, districts in Illinois need to send the course to the State as part of the Illinois State Course System (ISCS) files. Districts using eSchoolPlus enter these courses as Transfer Courses.

This section of the documentation shows how districts will enter the information necessary for these courses.

  1. On the Transcript Courses Summary (Mark Reporting > Entry & Reports > Student > Transcript Summary) page, you will add a transfer building and on the Transcript Courses page, you will enter the outplaced course(s). 
  2. Click Add on the Transfer Building panel to add a transfer building
  3. Click Save after you have entered the student's Outplaced courses.  Then click on Summary to go to the Transcript Courses Summary page.
  4. On the Transcript Courses Summary page, click on the Course Description hyperlink. 
  5. On the Mark Reporting Detail page, click the Additional options button on the Course Information panel to open the Course Information page.
  6. Click on the ISBE ISCS Information hyperlink on the District Defined panel.
  7. Fill in the information that is required on the ISBE ISCS Information page for all courses and also enter a value in the Outplaced State Course Code field. Additionally, if you need to override the maximum numeric grade for the course you may do so (you will set up a default for this for the building).
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