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Discipline Setup

Following are the table and configuration setups specific to Illinois regulatory reporting in eSchoolPlus.

Discipline Validation Tables

Administration > General Setup > District > Validation Tables


Database Table Name

eSchoolPlus Page Used On

Incident Codes


Discipline (need to populate state code equiv field with all values required to be reported through ISBE)

Offense Actions


Discipline – Offender – Actions (need to populate state code equiv fields with all action codes required to be reported through ISBE)

Behavior Configuration

Administration > Interventions Setup > Behavior > Behavior District Configuration

You may choose to Track Occurrences or not for Illinois State Reporting.  However, if you choose to Track Changes, you will need to update the Actual Duration field as well as entering the dates for the Action.

You may opt to allow multiple offenses on an incident, but only the main incident type code will be sent in the ISBE Behavior/Discipline file. 

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