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October 2021 Major Maintenance Release

These changes have been released in the following software version:

  • ESP_21.4.14.0



Release Note

ESP-66749ASIS Data Collections (Discipline, (SESIR)), Discipline Collection (School Environmental Safety Incident Report and Student Discipline/Referral Action), and Demographics Collection (Student Demographic Information)
  • When we pull the survey R SESIR format, the element “Incident, Basis – Religion” is in the wrong column in the extract file. The data for this element should be in column 53, but is incorrectly in column 54, so updated the case statements to print the Religion Basis in the correct column for SESIR format.
  • The element “Incident, Date” is blank or all zeroes, so updated the function to populate the incident date in the SESIR Extract file.
  • The school year should be in MMYY when the survey is taken for SESIR, Student Discipline, and Student Demographic format, so added code which will print school year in the MMYY format when the survey is taken.
ESP-64060ASIS Exceptional Student

Added ESE FEFP/Matrix Numbers and Re-Evaluation Date program-tracked fields on the ASIS Exceptional Student district-defined page. These fields are also added to the ASIS Exceptional Student program.

Added Warning messages related to the code in the FEFP Program Levels validation table:

  • “Warning: Code does not have state code equivalence in the validation table. Code - value“ if the state code equivalent value is not mentioned in the validation table for the corresponding code.
  • “Warning: Code is inactive in the validation table. Code - value“ if any code is used by a student which is deactivated in the validation table. The customer will receive this warning message.

Enabled copying data from the ASIS Exceptional Student district-defined page to the ASIS Exceptional Student district-defined program for all the students active in the current year and do not have a withdraw code for the current year.

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