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November 2021 Major Maintenance Release

These changes have been released in the following software version:

  • ESP_21.4.15.0



Release Note

ESP-67326School Environment Safety Incident Report, Student Discipline/Resultant Action, and Student Demographic Information

Updated the ASIS Data Collections to validate the following:

  • The data selection is limited to the dates entered in Date Range field when the format is run for School Environment Safety Incident Report (SESIR) and Student Discipline/Resultant Action download.
  • The data for Student Demographic will be limited to the records existing in the Discipline download table where the Incident Date column is within the dates entered in the Date Range field when the survey is run.
ESP-66957FASTER Download

Added the Civic Literacy Assessment Passed validation table. In the FL Faster district-defined page, added the Civic Literacy Assessment Pass dropdown field that will have State Code Equivalent values from the validation table. If a student has data for this field, it will be downloaded under the FASTER Demographic Record (I/S01).

Added codes M and O to the Dropout Prevention/Juvenile Justice Placement Reasons validation table and will be downloaded under the CTE, ELL, Dropout Record (I/S05).

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