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This section describes the security requirements for OCR.

Federal License Key

The Civil Rights Data Collection options are under the Regulatory menu, however it uses a separate security package, FED (Federal), that requires a license key.  Your district must have a license key for the Federal package.  This key is generated by your installer. If the license key is missing, please record a case with PowerSchool.

Federal Security Access

Grant users access to run the OCR options. Four security resources are available:

  • FED – MAINT – OCR (Access to maintain data on the OCR Summary page)
  • FED – REPORTS – RUNOCR (Access to run OCR Reports/Generate OCR data)
  • FED – SETUP – OCRBLDG (Access to OCR Building Setup)
  • FED – SETUP – OCRDIST (Access to OCR District Setup)
  • FED – DISC – INCIDENTS (Access to maintain Incidents data in the Discipline resources for the OCR Report)
  • FED – DISC – OFFENDER (Access to maintain Offender data in the Discipline resources for the OCR Report)

Read-Only vs. Read/Write Access

The FED security resources can be assigned to users like any other security resource.  You can select whether users have Read-Only or Read/Write access for each resource, as well as select the buildings that apply to the resource or let it use the user's default building list. You may edit the user's access by clicking Edit. For example, the resources assigned to the user shown in the following image allow read/write access to all OCR features in all buildings. After clicking on (Edit), access has been changed to read/write access for buildings 10 and 11 and read-only access for building 12.

If you want to add a resource and assign specific read/write privileges, click the Add ((plus)) icon on the Resources pane. Select the required resource and assign the required privileges. In the following example, the INCIDENTS and OFFENDER resources are assigned read/write privileges from the Discipline resource.

A user with read-only access to Run OCR Reports (FED – REPORTS – RUNOCR) will be restricted to generating reports/flat files only. The Generate Report/Flat File Only prompt will be selected and cleared on the Run OCR Reports page, thus preventing the user from re-generating OCR data.

Required _ESP_GROUP User

The Student Group Definitions option is used to specify the criteria for selecting students to include in the counts for the data collection. This option uses a reserved user profile _ESP_GROUP that is created by PowerSchool when the software is installed. Do not delete this user.

Do not delete the reserved user profile _ESP_GROUP created by PowerSchool

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