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January 2024 Minor Maintenance Release

This change has been released in the following software version:

  • ESP_23.12.1.0

Reference Number




Run OCR Reports

Fixed an issue where LEP and LEP Program Enrollment counts were being incorrectly calculated to include all students.


OCR CRDC - Schools Flat File

In the Schools flat file, the Female Only totals for Number of Interscholastic sports and teams was also being reported in the column for All Students. This has been resolved.


Fixed headings and categories in Discipline counts

Fixed DISC-2 and DISC-3 question in the OCR CRDC Schools report to show the correct headings (“All Preschool Children” and “Students without Disabilities” were swapped). Also fixed count categories (IDEA, 504, LEP) for Discipline counts and corrected reporting of Deaths by Homicide count (OFFN-4).


Run OCR Reports

Fixed an issue where overriding the Staff Race counts on the OCR Building Setup page was resulting in a primary key error when running the Schools report.


Run OCR Reports

Fixed primary key violation error when running the Run OCR Reports option for the School report with suspension counts.


OCR Building Setup

Resolved an error saving the OCR Building Setup when the “Passing Mark” option was not being used, and the setup was marked as being applied to other buildings.


Run OCR Reports

Fixed DISC-10 where it was only being set to Y if there are disabled students in the building who received corporal punishment.

Fixed an issue with DISC-11 & DISC-12 showing instances of Corporal Punishment but DISC-10 is displaying N.


OCR Building Setup

OCR building setup is erroring on the save under DISC-7-Out of School Suspension Without and With Disabilities when a value is entered and the override is checked. This has been resolved.


Run OCR Reports

DISC-8 & 9 were not reflecting students with one or more OSS. This has been resolved.

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