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January 2024 Major Maintenance Release

These changes have been released in the following software version:

  • ESP_24.1.0.0

Reference Number




OCR Form Reports

The retained counts on the OCR Form Report were incorrect. The students included were being required to be 504 students and there were issues when multiple vectors existed within the school year. This has been resolved.


OCR Building Setup and Run OCR Reports

On the CRDC Building Flat File, there were values of 'No' for questions that have values of 'Not applicable' or 'N/A' in the user interface. This was causing an error for each question with this issue during the submission of the file to CRDC. This has been resolved.


OCR District Setup

On the OCR District Setup page, in the Miscellaneous panel, there were three fields for SSPR-11. According to the CRDC documentation, there should be only two fields. Updated these changes:

  • Removed the field: SSPR-11: Preschool Age 5 - Non-IDEA Children.

  • Renamed the field: SSPR-11: Preschool Age 4 - Non-IDEA Children to SSPR-11: Preschool Age 4 and 5 - Non-IDEA Children.


Federal Course Information

Added Computer Science to the list of valid values for Federal Course Type, which was missing.

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