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February 2024 Minor Maintenance Release

These changes have been released in the following software version:

  • ESP_24.1.1.0

Reference Number




Run OCR Reports

Corrected the OCR Reports processing to successfully run even with blank values for Harassment_sex, Harassment_gender, and Harassment_religion fields in the District OCR Configuration page.


Run OCR Reports

Corrected the issue where the Discipline counts for students with disabilities do not include students who meet the criteria for Section 504 in the race counts.


Run OCR Reports

Corrected the DISC-14a label in the printed report to DISC-14a: Students without disabilities receiving expulsions with educational services.


OCR Building Setup

Updated the CRDC School Form Report field label DISC-11 to Instances of Corporal Punishment – Students Without Disabilities and With Disabilities (IDEA and Section 504 Only) and the Student with Disability column header to Student with Disability (IDEA and Section 504 Only).

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