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February 2022 Minor Maintenance Release

These changes have been released in the following software versions unless otherwise noted in the release note:

  • ESP_20.4.42.0
  • ESP_21.4.19.0



Release Note

ESP-70637Run OCR Reports

Updated the students with courses that have a Federal AP Course Type of Other to be counted towards APIB-6.

ESP-70347Run OCR Reports

Updated the OCR Summary and CRDC School Form for question DISC-12 to display valid value (zero) for all buildings instead of N/A or blank.

ESP-70336Run OCR Reports

Updated the file processing to run without error when encountering students with AP courses having alpha-numeric student ID.

ESP-70330Run OCR Reports and OCR Summary

Updated the OCR School data file to report zeroes instead of blanks in columns prefixed by SCH_DISCWDIS_TFRALT_ and SCH_DISCWODIS_TFRALT_ when there are no non-zero values for the building.

Updated the OCR Summary to show zeroes instead of N/A in questions “DISC-8a Students without disabilities transferred to an alternative school” and “DISC-10 Students with disabilities transferred to an alternative school”.

ESP-70274Run OCR Reports

Corrected the logic for Discipline to use IDEA and 504 Part 1 Student Groups for processing. The IDEA and 504 Groups are used for determining disability. Counts may differ for Discipline items: ARRS-1/ARRS-2, DISC-1, DISC-4, DISC-7/DISC-9, DISC-12, HIBS-2, HIBS-3, and RSTR-1/RSTR-2. Previously, these questions were using the IDEA and 504 Part 2 Student Groups. If your Part 1 and Part 2 Student Groups match, you will not see the difference in results.

ESP-69413Run OCR Reports

Updated the OCR report to run without task error when there is no Part 2 Student Group definitions available.

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