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Update Existing District Configuration File

  1. In the District Configuration Utility window, select File >Open and then select the configuration file you want to update.
  2. As needed, you can update the district information in the District List tab.
    • For field descriptions, refer to District Information Window.
    • For more detailed information about editing the data in the District List tab, refer to Edit District/Site Information.
  3. Update information on other tabs, as needed. For field descriptions, refer to the help for the appropriate tab.
  4. To save the changes to the configuration file, select File > Save.
    • If you want to save the changes to a different configuration file, select File > Save As, and then select or enter the name for the configuration file.
  5. When you want your changes to be reflected in the application, create the new configuration files:
    • Select Tools > Create App Config Files, and then select the XML file you want to create or select "All" to create all of the configuration files at once.

Many changes require you to make similar updates to the District Configuration Utility on other servers. For example, if you change the passwords to connect to the eSchoolPlus application, you must make the change on all servers where the eSchoolPlus application can be run.

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