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System Setup

District Configuration

Administration > General Setup > District > District

Preferences Panel

Membership Day RuleN - Not Required
Entry Date RuleUse First Membership Day in Calendar or Use First Day for Calendar
Withdrawal Date RuleUse Last Membership Day in Calendar or Use Last Day for Calendar
Race RequiredYes

State ID Assignment Panel

Require State IDY - Use State ID (Required)
Maximum State ID Length10
State ID LabelEnter what you want the field named on the Personal page (i.e. SASID)
ID to Save in Previous ID FieldN - No Previous ID is Saved
Automatically Assign State IDsN - State IDs are not Auto-Assigned

Upload Definition

Administration > Utilities > Download & Upload > Upload/Download Definition

PowerSchool provides upload definition for the SASID Register.  Do not modify the setups which are provided to you. If you need to download data differently, create a copy of the download definition. Contact Customer Support if you need assistance copying setups.

  • 550 - CT SASID Register Upload. Rename the file you got from the state to the Filename listed on Row Order 1. The default filename when eSchoolPlus is installed is CTRegister.txt.
  • 551 - CT ED166 Disc SAITN Upload
  • 560 - CT ED166 Discipline Upload
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