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Staff Date Tracking

Scheduling > Courses > Course Sections > Master Schedule

Primary Staff

Click the Primary Staff link. In the Staff Date Tracking page, enter the primary staff tracking information:

  • Staff – Select the primary staff
  • Start Date – Enter the date of starting the course
  • End Date – Enter the date of exiting the course
  • Role – Select the staff member role
  • DRA Role - Not used
  • Sequence Number – Optional
Secondary Staff

Click the Secondary Staff link. In the Staff Date Tracking page, enter the secondary staff tracking information.

Follow the same steps of entering the Primary Staff.

Assigning Staff Members

  1. Add the Master Schedule course section and session information. You will need to save the course section before you assign any staff.
  2. In the Master Schedule Session Information section, click the hyperlink in the Primary Staff field to assign a primary staff member to the course-section session. The Staff Date Tracking pages opens:

  3. Select the staff member who serves as Primary Staff for the course section.
  4. The Start Date defaults based on the earliest Marking Period start date associated with the course section for the building's calendar.
  5. Leave the End Date blank.
  6. Click Save. The primary staff member is now assigned for the session. You do NOT need to re-save the Master Schedule course section on the Master Schedule Course Information page.
  7. To assign secondary staff for the course section session, repeat Steps 2 through 6 using the hyperlink in the Secondary Staff field.
  8. Repeat Steps 2 through 7 for any remaining sessions associated with the course section.
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