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Menu path: Select Registration from the main menu, select Entry & Reports submenu, select Student Demographic, and then select Programs.

There are several programs that you may need to maintain for a student that are not linked to a baseline or Connecticut-specific page. These programs include:

  • CTFA2 – Facility Code 2: Used to indicate the student's school or facility code.
  • ASP – After-School Program: Used to indicate if the student has taken at least one after-school program.
  • ORPST – ESL Programs: Used to indicate the student's English as a Second Language status.
  • CTHML – Homeless: Used to indicate an unaccompanied youth.
  • CTSP – Special Education Student Designation: will be discussed in a future revision.
  • CTREP – Reporting District: Used to indicate the student's outplaced reporting district.
  • CTRES – Resident Town: Used to indicate the student's resident town.
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