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Section F. Increased Learning Time

This section applies only for schools receiving School Improvement Grant (SIG) funds. These buildings are identified on the CA School Improvement Grants page with the School Improvement Grants box checked (Administration > Registration Setup > Building > Building District Defined > CA School Improvement Grants).


  • LT through longer school year
  • LT through a longer school day
  • LT before or after school
  • LT through summer school
  • LT through weekend school
  • LT through another method
  • Do not increase LT
  • LT Explanation of Other


  • Check each box that indicates a method the building uses to increase learning time.
  • If you check the LT through another method box, also make sure to identify the alternate method using the LT Explanation of Other field.
  • Check the Do not increase LT box if the building receives School Improvement Grant funds without providing increased learning time opportunities.
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