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Section D. Educational Calendar for ORA

Administration > Registration Setup > Building District Defined > CA Additional Information

  • School Calendar Type


  • The School Calendar type is used to determine the type of calendar for the building
  • The Year Round Calendar is also determined by the School Calendar type when the type of calendar is single-track or multitrack.

Calendar Start and End Dates
Administration > Registration Setup > Building > Building Definition

  • Educational Calendar Start Date
  • Educational Calendar End Date


  • Use the Default Calendar from the Building Configuration, and from this Calendar setup, make the Start Date the earliest calendar date for the school year with its Membership Day box checked. The End Date is the latest calendar date for the year that has its Membership Day box checked (Administration > Registration Setup > Calendars > Calendar > click appropriate Calendar link > Month View > click link for appropriate date to access detail)
  • If a single building State Code Equiv is associated with multiple local Building records, the report looks at the Default Calendar for each of the buildings and uses the earliest calendar date marked as a membership day as the Start Date. The End Date is then the latest membership date in the year taking into account all default calendars associated with that building State Code Equiv.

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