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October 2021 Minor 1 Maintenance Release

These changes have been released in the following software version:

  • ESP_21.4.12.0



Release Note

ESP-64982Create CALPADS Extract/State Files
  • Added and implemented exit code E156 (Gd12ContinuedEd) similar to exit code E155 (YrEndGradeLevelExit).
  • Added validation to check whether the Enrollment Exit Date is between March 31 and August 15 for the exit codes E155 and E156.
ESP-64983Create CALPADS Extract/State Files, Delete CALPADS Student Download Tables, CALPADS Student Search, CALPADS Student Summary, Programs, and Addresses
  • Removed the Student Address download prompt from Create CALPADS Extract/State Files and Delete CALPADS Student Download Tables pages.
  • Removed the Address Submission and Address To Report prompts from the CALPADS Extract/Download pages.
  • Implemented mailing address to be downloaded under the Mailing Address columns of the Student Information download. These columns can be viewed from the CALPADS Student Search and CALPADS Student Summary pages under the SNIF record type.
  • Extracted mailing data can be found at the end of the text file after preferred name.
ESP-64984Create CALPADS Extract/State Files

Updated the following 2021-2022 CALPADS download format:

  • Removed DE 3.25 - Youth Run Away Indicator from Student Program File Format and replaced with blank spaces.

  • Added DE 7.32 - Transitional Kindergarten Authorization Indicator to Staff Demographics File Format as a new column.

  • Removed DE 9.31 - Charter Non-Core, Non-College Prep Course Indicator from Course Section File Format and replaced with blank spaces.

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