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December 2022 Major Maintenance Release

These changes have been released in the following software version:

  • ESP_22.12.0.0



Release Note

ESP-80366CA Attendance Summary Register

The report was generating incorrect values for the First Period as it was considering Rollover Entry Codes. This has been resolved to only consider Rollover Entry Codes when the First Period is selected.

ESP-79563Test Score Import Definition and Test Definition

Created the Test Score Import Definition and Test Definition setup to import the ELPAC Initial test scores of students to be able to have the latest score data in the system.

Added the Test Score Import Definition for ELI22 Interface and uploaded the Initial_ELPAC_Student_Score_Data_File_TestedStudentScoreData_2022 file.

ESP-79498Create CALPADS Extract/State Files (SELA Submission)

Added a validation check to verify if a student is in private school and does not have ELA information to not display the error message.

Added a validation check to log warning message only for students that have an English Proficiency Program (or CA120) start date falling after 07/01/2020.

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