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Course Data for State Reporting

You can update the information at the Course Catalog level and then override it at the Course Section level. Data for State Reporting at the Course Catalog level is retrieved from the Building Course Setup (Scheduling > Courses > Building Courses > CA Course) area even if you are using the District Course Catalog.

Scheduling > Courses > Building Courses > CA Course

Scheduling > Courses > Course Sections > CA Course



Multiple Teacher Status

If this course has more multiple teachers, select the appropriate code for the type of multiple teacher instruction is being done.

Include in Extract

This field is no longer used.

State Course Code

Enter the State Course Code for the course here. If you do not want a course to be included in the CALPADS extract, do not enter a value in this field.

This determines Course Content Code in the CALPADS Course Section file. It is validated against the CBEDS Subject Area Assignment table. If the code's record in the table has the CTE box selected, the course is reported with Course Content Code 154 (Career Technical Education).

You can override this setting at the Master Schedule course-section level using the Exclude from CTE Pathway box (Scheduling > Courses > Course Sections > CA Course). With this box selected, the course is not reported with a Course Content Code.

Important: The CALPADS extract checks for this setting specifically at the Master Schedule district-defined page level. The extract does not refer to the building Course Catalog to determine the CTE exclusion.

Subtopic Area

Enter a subtopic area for the course if applicable.

NCES Course Classification

Select the NCES Course Classification for the course.

Course Term

Select the type of term that the course meets.

Course Sequence – Term

If a course is not a full year course, select the sequence.

Course Sequence - Year

If this section is part of a multi-year course, select the appropriate year here.

Academic Course Level 1

If the course is an ESL or ABE course, select the appropriate Level 1 value here.

Academic Course Level 2

Select the appropriate course level from the list.

Course Type

If the course is part of a CTE pathway, ROC/P or Technical Education program, select the appropriate course type.

UC/CSU Approved Course

Enter the type of course that this section fulfills in the UC/CSU system.

UC/CSU Language

If the section meets a UC/CSU language requirement, enter a value to indicate what language here. For example, you may enter G or GERMAN for all of your German courses. Since students need two years of the same language, this field is used to determine if the student has met this requirement.

US/CSU Elective

If the course can be counted as a UC/CSU elective, check this box.

Course Mark Type

Select the type of mark that the course will use.

Course Credit Type

Select the type of credit that this course uses.

Course Section Program

If this course section is part of an ROC/P program, indicate that here.

NCLB Core Course

Required when the teacher is highly qualified. Select the appropriate NCLB Core Course type for this course.

CTE Technical Preparation

If this section is part of a CTE pathway, indicate that here.

Education Service

If this course is an ELL or SDAIE course, indicate that in this field.

Instructional Strategy

Select the appropriate instructional strategy that this course employs if appropriate.

Independent Study Indicator

If this course is an independent study check this box.

Distance Learning

If this is a distance learning course, indicate that here.

Education Program Funding

If this course is part of a Specialized Secondary Program or a California Partnership Academy program, indicate that here.

CTE Course Section

If the course is part of a CTE program, indicate if it is at your district or an ROC/P.

Language of Instruction Code

Indicate the language of instruction for the course.

Exploratory Course

Checked to indicate the course is an exploratory course. This is a course set up with a single local course number (for instance, 1000), but differing State Course Codes on a section-by-section basis in the Master Schedule.

For a course identified as Exploratory, the system creates a unique local course number for reporting in the CALPADS Student Course and Course Section files. It will be the course number followed by State Course Code from the CA Course district-defined course page.

Capstone Course

Checked to indicate this is the last course in a sequence of CTE courses.

Exclude from CTE Pathway

Checked if a course marked as CTE in the CBEDS Subject Area Assignment table should be excluded from reporting a Course Content Code of 154 (Career Technical Education) in the Course Section CALPADS record.

To apply the override, make sure to check this box using Scheduling > Courses > Course Sections > CA Course. The CALPADS extract uses the Master Schedule setting, not the building Course Catalog.

The course maps to the CBEDS Subject Area Assignment table through the State Course Code selection.

Note about UC/CSU Approved Courses and Electives: If a course can ONLY be counted as a UC/CSU elective, then you should select G (College Preparatory Elective) in the UC/CSU Approved Course field. If a course counts towards a UC/CSU Approved Course Code (i.e. A for History/Social Science) or could be counted as an elective after a student has met his/her History/Social Sciences requirements, then you should put A in the UC/CSU Approved field and check the UC/CSU Elective box. This will indicate to eSchoolPlus that during the UC/CSU Course Requirements Calculation that the course should first be counted towards the requirement in the UC/CSU Approved Course Code field first and if those are met, use it as an elective. For Foreign Language courses, if the course cannot be considered as an elective (i.e. first year courses), then it should be given an E (Language other than English) in the UC/CSU Approved Course field and the Elective box should not be checked. If the Foreign Language course can be counted as an elective after Foreign Language requirements are met, it would be an E with the Elective box checked. 

CALPADS Fall 2 Reporting Note: In order for a course to be reported in the CALPADS Fall 2 files, the following fields are required:

  • State Course Code
  • Course Term

Additionally, you may need to populate the following fields for CALPADs Fall 2 reporting:

  • Multiple Teacher Status
  • Academic Course Level 2
  • UC/CSU Approved Course—if this field has a value it will translate to a Y in the CALPADS file
  • NCLB Core Course
  • English Learner Indicators: Education Service, Language of Instruction Code and Instructional Strategy
  • CTE Technical Preparation
  • Independent Study Indicator
  • Distance Learning
  • Education Program Funding
  • CTE Course Section
  • Exploratory Course
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