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Data Exchange Release Notes

Refer to 2024 DEX Releases for release dates.



Release Note


Errors in Automate Reload of Tables in Error For Replication

Additional enhancements are made to the automatic table reload for replication. This will help to prevent districts from being stopped in replication.


DEX TX eSP: Staff Dependency When Downloading Staff

This update addresses a dependency issue in the eSP profile related to publishing staff assignments.

The issue arises when evaluating dependencies based on whether staff is published by external vendors or internal vendors. Specifically, when both staff and staff assignments are published by internal vendors with the same base URL, a special relationship is maintained in the DEX.cst_pubProfileRelation table. The issue lies in how dependencies are defined across profiles using the StaffKeyID. When internal IDs differ, the dependency evaluation fails.

To address this, the dependency definitions in both profiles are updated to use StaffUID instead of StaffKeyID. This change ensures correct dependency evaluation within and across profiles. The fix is applied to the SIS profiles only as they are subject to cross-profile evaluation.


TX (DEX) Oct 23 SDK: Associate Degree Updates for Summer PEIMS - PS

This update changes the Associate Degree Indicator for Summer PEIMS from allowing only values '0' and '1' before the end of January 2024 to allowing values '2' - '6' after that date. This change impacts PriorYearLeavers and StudentAcademicRecords. The source field for this information has been updated to accept values '2' - '6'.


TX - DEX 23-24 Publish Multiple Service Sets as Array in Staff Assignments - PS

Updates in the Staff Assignments to display all responsibility records having a valid serviceId. Changes are available in the Data Exchange and can be seen under Staff Assignments.

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