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Data Exchange Release Notes

Refer to 2024 DEX Releases for release dates.



Release Note


DEXCloud TX eSP: Student ID error - censusBlockGroupSets Invalid

An error occurs because the censusBlockGroupSets is invalid. This happens when a student does not have any census data. The publishing issue has been resolved so that when there’s no data, the block will not attempt to publish


DEX Cloud TX eSP: Sections Failing

For Texas eSchoolPlus, an error occurs when publishing sections that say Request is Invalid. This is due to improperly formatted JSON data. This has been corrected and sections now publish successfully.


Automate Reload of Tables in Error For Replication

Upon encountering an error during replication, the system receives a notification, but replication on the affected table halts. To address this, a solution has been implemented to automate the reloading of error-prone tables, resulting in faster recovery and reduced reliance on support and downtime.

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